A busy month, as every other so far

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A busy month, as every other so far

I’ve completed my portfolio as I planned from the first day of college. It’s created with an idea to offer a quick and simple look at my work and how wide I am capable to go. Usually, you can read advice about how quality is better than quantity, but in my opinion, this does not work for me. My variety of skills is widespread and I can’t help myself to stuck only on the one specific segment of multimedia. I mean, at this moment I am learning about 3D animation, audio production, web development and piano playing. How broad is that?

These days I’m more and more into finding my way to set up freelancing and outsourcing service offering before I might start my own company in near future. So I find this website called “Millo“. It’s actually a service which sends you filtered freelance job offers. I just signed up, and now I’m waiting until Monday to come to get to know how this actually works.

In the meantime, I have joined in a group of students who are working on the interesting design project/competition at national level. Can’t talk too much about it for now, but surely I’ll write more about it when comes the right time.

We started with the new traveling season and now I have to finish another road-trip to Osijek (the city in the east part of Croatia) video. More of it will come soon on ajmovan.com blog. After this, we’ll be preparing for the trip to London. And after that, I really have to concentrate on finishing the college.

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